The Oven

Current issues include deciding between an all black stove or one with some stainless accents.  The latter being to appease the nebulous “buyer” who will eventually take this house from us.  Someday.  Oh, buyer, the things we are going through to woo you…

Also, need to have the electrician change the wiring from hard-wired to an outlet.  Cause most ranges today are plug-in, right?  Grrr – gotta call the appliance store to check.

And smooth top versus coils.  Will we be careful enough to not scratch a smooth top?  Even with our fancy pantsy popcorn popper – used easily 2 times a week? Oh, and if you are wondering why not just get a gas line installed?  Because they are 1000+ and the nebulous buyer has not earned  it.  They can just up and deal and do something for themselves when they get here.


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  1. laura

    the smooth top ones are much more scratch resistant than you think. If you’re going electric, that’s the better way to go. I’m going to look for models for you right now. 🙂

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