Closets. In the kitchen.

As part of this kitchen upgrade, we are building ourselves a broom closet and a pantry closet – neither of which currently exists in any form in this house.   The broom closet will allow us to get all manner of crap out of the linen closet and the pantry will house food.  Which is currently sucking up space in MANY cabinets right now, forcing much double stacking of dishes in our other cabinets.

Oh, and the microwave.  Unless someone convinces me I shouldn’t do it, the pantry will have a shelf in it dedicated to the microwave so that it doesn’t sit out on a counter.   There is already a plug on that wall since it is near to where the fridge is currently, so we should be set on that front.

Open issue here is that the width of both closets together can’t be more than 52 inches.  Given standard door sizes – and needing TWO of them – I need to get creative for how this will work.  We’ll likely do the framing for the sides and top and then deal with this a bit later.  It does need to be framed before the floor goes in though.  Gotta love a challenge.

Here is a before pic:

Eventually... the Closets

Eventually... the closets go here.



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4 responses to “Closets. In the kitchen.

  1. Lola

    Why not make it one big closet with bifold doors?

  2. 10thingsatonce

    Because I don’t want the dust and debris from various cleaning supplies, mops, vacuum, etc to contaminate my canned goods. Or my microwave 🙂

    Standard pre-hung come in 18 inch and 24 inch widths. 18 is weirdly small for a single door and 24 doubled is too wide when you factor in the framing. I’m going to call the lumberyard (instead of BIG ORANGE) this week. I think such a thing as 22inch exists. If so, I can make that work.

    This is all based on the tear off sheet I pulled when walking the aisles at Home Depot yesterday.

  3. Lola

    You can still make it one big closet with bifold doors with a partition in the middle, can’t you? That way one side could be opened without the other one being exposed. You know, two separate cabinets inside but matching doors that meet in the middle?

    • 10thingsatonce

      I’m having trouble visualizing how to do a partition.

      Unless……we go back to page 58 in our favorite book again and do sliders. Painted, not stained.

      Oh wait. No. I wanted neither sliders nor bi-folds because I lose all that lovely door storage space. I’ve already got plans for what will hang there.

      Let’s walk through the partition deal next time we talk.

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