It’s tempting to sit and contemplate how I’m going to trim out the kitchen even though that is so completely the last step in this project.  I’ve got some ideas for how I’d like the soffit to look – and we are definitely doing our first crown molding job at the ceiling.  The floor trim will be nice and tall – reflective of how it likely looked when the house was built in 1925.

For the back door and the window above the sink, I’m replacing the trim style with a more classic craftsman (but painted) look instead of the current cheapy “big box” mitered trim.  I should replace the trim on the two other windows, but I spent quite a number of hours caulking the hell out of them to battle back the ant problem we had last summer.  I cringe at having to break through that caulk and redo it.  But it all has to match at the end of the day, so I’ll just leave it until then.


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