Cabinet Refacing

ARRGGHH – I have GOT to build the IKEA supplementary cabinets so that I can place the order for our refacing supplies.  We will be getting doors, drawer fronts, and beautiful side panels to allow us to reuse all but 1 of our existing cabinets.

For lack of a better place to put my notes for measuring the frameless IKEA doors, here it is.  The guy told me to measure the outer frame edge to edge and take 1/8 inch off that measurement to give the door enough room to close.  For the Double cabinet with no center stile, I’m to do the same but take an additional 1/8 off to allow for each door to close without bonking its partner.

We’re going with Cafe Maple with a Shaker style door.  Should be lovely and warm.

Kitchen Layout to scale

Kitchen Layout to scale

Here is the layout as it is likely to end up.  Thank you to my construction & design guru (AKA my sister-in-law) for the final refinements.  The woman is a genius.



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2 responses to “Cabinet Refacing

  1. Lola

    can I see these plans zoomed? Email them, okay? Love, genius.

  2. 10thingsatonce


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